About us

Grappolo LTD specializes in wine production consultancy and import of various quality brands of winery machinery, corks and raw materials for the food and wine industry.

Extensive variety of products

Grappolo offers its client broad possibilities of machinery such as:

Grape receiving lines, crusher destemmers, sorting tables, pumps of all kinds, pneumatic, hydraulic, water presses, cooling devices, stainless steel and concrete tanks.

Wine aging: barrels, specialized machinery for barrels, filling and empting, automatic and manual topping devices, cleaning and sterilizing.

Bottle filling: bottling lines of different capacities, corking, capsuling and labeling machines.

Corks: natural and technological corks with supercritical CO2 treatment.

Storage and packaging solutions: Combo bag in box for storage and transfer of significant wine volumes, bottled wine storage with plastic sheets.

The most compatible product for your winery

The variety of companies represented by Grappolo in Israel and our commitment to find the best solution for our customer allow us to locate for our clients the most suitable product.

New wineries would get personal guidance and escort through the purchasing process and its import to Israel. Grappolo would give complete solution throughout the purchasing process that would take in consideration the winery's budget, priorities and its winemaker philosophy.

Existing wineries would benefit guidance in the choice of the right product and its most accurate implementation in the current production process.

Grappolo sales used refurbished equipment to offer our clients a wider range of prices with guarantied quality of products.


Grappolo cooperate with few logistical companies to ensure safe and reliable import, respect to the agreed delivery time and fair delivery rates.

Consultancy and guidance

Roey Ben-Basat, is a former Golan Heights winery associate winemaker, gained a lot of experience in various wine production technics.

Roey gives consultancy services for all the production cycle but also for the harvest period or for blending/bottling etc. Roey also leads projects such as quality assurance, blending and more in large size wineries. Roey will suit each winery the most tailor made consultancy path that would match perfectly with the winery's need and its ability.

Grappolo LTD was established by Roey Ben Basat, an Israeli winemaker. Roey graduated his BSc. in Life science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, and his BA Studies in Oenology and Viticulture at Florence University, Italy.

Roey gained his vast experienced and knowledge in winemaking working in different wineries in Italy and in Israel. Today Roey consults and accompanies various projectes within the Israeli wine industry.